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Smart Calling Will Save You Lots of Money!
We Tell You How.
Welcome to the Telecom Center!

Calling home is probably one of the things you will be doing most often, from the day you arrive until the day you go home. It's an integral part of an international student's life in the U.S. Smart calling will save you tons of money. Our purpose is to help you reach that goal.

Follow these links to learn more about phone services in the U.S.:

There are three common ways in which you can make international phone calls. According to our experience, these approaches to communication can be ranked according to convenience and cost as follows:

Convenience* Cost
Phone cards 3 1
10-10 numbers 2 2
Long distance carriers 1 3

Browsing through the following web pages, you are guaranteed to find something valuable to you, because the contents are drawn from many international students' hands-on experience, and these ideas have worked in the real world!

*Convenience is defined as how simple it is for you to make a phone call based on the approach you choose.

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