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I got my degree, so how come I haven't been hired yet?
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Obstacle No 4:
I don't have work experience in America.

Since international students face several restrictions on employment, many students do not have much work experience when they graduate. There are several ways to deal with this:

Student Activities

Try to get involved in student organizations and volunteer activities. These activities will also help you to develop skills that employers value. You should identify these marketable skills (e.g., leadership, fund-raising, or project management) so that you can bring to the attention of potential employers. Be sure to highlight the experiences and skills in your resumes and cover letters, and during interviews.

Group Projects

You should try to participate in a group project that involves interaction with a real off-campus organization. This will not only create an opportunity for networking, but also add to your marketable skills and experience, which you can use in resumes, cover letters, and interviews.


You should try to do an internship during summer vacations. An internship lets you familiarize yourself with American business practices, builds your network of potential future employers, and helps you to develop a set of marketable skills.

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Immigration Updates
Immigration and work permission laws are always changing. We make it simple to keep track of the changes.
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