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Common employment obstacles among international students

I got my degree, so how come I haven't been hired yet?

Many international students go through their job search with a lot of frustration, anxiety, pain, and fear. Some students submit their resumes to dozens of companies but receive no interviews. Some are called for interviews but still end up with no jobs. Why is that? And more importantly, can we overcome the obstacles? Let's take a look at some problems, and see if we can help you to overcome them.

Some common obstacles among international students looking for a job, and how to overcome these obstacles:

Obstacle No.1: They don't want to sponsor, period.
Obstacle No.2: I failed my interview!
Obstacle No.3: I don't speak good English.
Obstacle No 4: I don't have work experience in America.
Obstacle No 5: I graduated from the wrong program!

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Immigration Updates
Immigration and work permission laws are always changing. We make it simple to keep track of the changes.
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