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It's only an Interview -
Not an Interrogation!
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The Four Stages of an Interview

  1. Greeting - The employer welcomes you to the interview.
    • A good first impression is important
    • Your appearance is important
    • Be a few minutes early
    • Smile, and make eye contact
    • Stand approximately four feet apart
    • Your posture should be relaxed, and facing the interviewer
    • Be alert, and ready to answer questions

  2. Employer Questions - The employer asks direct questions, and you give direct answers.
    • Do not simply repeat information that is on your resume
    • Answers should be simple and direct
    • Project natural confidence at all times
    • Yes or no answers must be elaborated on
    • Examples of past performance are necessary
    • Focus on your strengths
    • Sell yourself, and do not worry about bragging
    • Show self-awareness and the willingness to learn
    • Keep your tone clear and strong, talking at a medium pace

  3. Applicant questions - The applicant (that's you!) asks questions about the position, and about the organization.
    • Asking questions does not show you are ignorant or unprepared
    • Asking actually shows interest and initiative
    • You can display your knowledge about the company with insightful questions
    • Topics can include job responsibilities, organizational structure, and so forth

  4. Closing - The end of the interview.
    • Make one last, solid impression
    • Shake hands, make eye contact, smile, be positive
    • Be confident: show that you believe that this is a beginning

Interviewing Hints

  1. Be aware of employer expectations of excellent candidates:
    • Confidence/self-promotion
    • Flexibility/change
    • Goal orientation
    • CompetitiVeness
    • Self-sufficiency
    • Direct speech
    • Efficiency/time control

  2. Do not overlook any aspect of your appearance:
    • Be neat and conservative
    • Business suits are generally expected in an interview for both men and women
    • Remember to think about:
      • Clothes
      • Underclothes
      • Hair
      • Breath
      • Nails
      • Posture

  3. Eye contact and smiling show that you are:
    • Approachable
    • Confident
    • Capable
    • Someone with a positive self-image

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