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Introducing iStudentCity's Career Placement Service

At iStudentCity, we know that school is only the beginning. And so, in partnership with major national recruiting agencies, we now offer you a free career placement service specifically designed to meet the special needs of international students. We intend to place you with the best employer possible - preferably one who will sponsor you for an H1-B visa, and maybe even a Green Card. Best of all, it's free, unless you get placed, in which case, a minimal charges may apply. (See our FAQ list for details.)

Here are some of the successful international students that our recruiters found jobs for:

Nationality Degree Position Salary Company Sponsorship
Taiwan Master's (MIS) Technical Lead $70K/year E-commerce Production House H1-B
India Master's (Comp. Sci.) Java Programmer $55K/year E-commerce Production House H1-B / Green Card
Thailand MBA Fin. Analyst $50K/year Wireless ISP H1-B
Thailand Bachelor's (Econ.) Stock Analyst - Investment Bank -
China Master (MIS) Network Engineer $65K/year DSL Provider H1-B / Green Card
Egypt Master's (CS) DBA $65K/year Software H1-B
Taiwan Master's (MIS) Web Designer $40K/year Software H1-B

How Does iStudentCity's Career Placement Service Work?

iStudentCity has formed partnerships with professional recruiting agents nationwide in order to offer career placement services specifically for international students! Our partners are familiar with placing H1-B employees, and will try to work with companies that are more friendly to international students - and more willing to sponsor H1-B visas.

To make use of this free service:

  1. Submit your resume.
  2. iStudentCity will then work with you to improve your resume, and will provide advice about the U.S. working environment, interview techniques, and related career and immigration issues.
  3. Your resume will be forwarded to our partners, who will try to match you with leading companies around the U.S.

Ready to start? Click Here to find out how.
Still have questions? Click Here to go to our FAQ page.

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Immigration and work permission laws are always changing. We make it simple to keep track of the changes.
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