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Sample Statements of Purpose and Personal Statements

This statement is based on one written by a Thai student with a B.S. who was applying to M.B.A. programs in the U.S. The application presented two questions, to be answered separately. The first question, presented here, asks about goals and objectives. The second question asks for additional information. She was accepted by a good program, and has since graduated.

Question 1:
Discuss your short-range and long-range professional objectives. Why have you selected this career path? Be as specific as possible about the kinds of positions you seek. Include in this discussion the reasons you have chosen the particular program and major or concentration to which you have applied. What contributions do you expect to be able to make to your class based on your academic and/or professional experiences?

Goals and Objectives:

Since high school, I have been fascinated by the highly competitive environment of the business world. Wanting to be a successful businesswoman, I chose to study for my Bachelor's degree in the Department of Statistics under the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy of Chulalongkorn University. This choice turned out to be sound, since this department provided me with those qualities essential to the success stories of many business people: managerial and analytical skills, and an understanding of information technology.

After my first year in this program, I decided on an insurance major, because I saw that it had vast potential. In recent years, the local insurance industry has been expanding at an accelerating rate. And there is much more room to grow, since less than 10% of Thais hold life insurance policies. The government also plans to deregulate the industry and to grant more business licenses in order to increase the number of domestic insurance companies. This, however, aggravates the serious problem of a shortage of experts. Most of today’s insurance products, therefore, have to be imported from abroad, with little adjustment to local conditions. Moreover, the current, unanticipated economic crisis in Thailand made us recall the fundamental fact that every business is highly susceptible to risks, and should take risk management seriously. Both this surge in awareness and the recent expansion in the Thai insurance industry have created a bright future for careers in that industry.

After I graduated, I realized that college education had not prepared me sufficiently for my ultimate goal of being an executive in a leading corporation. To reach that position, two things are still missing from my portfolio — further education and greater working experience. For my education, I want to extend the depth of my knowledge of insurance. A Master's program that gives me the hybrid skills of general business administration and insurance expertise is my ideal choice. For my working experience, I need to work in an environment where I can apply my knowledge as well as gain new insight into business. This might be a position in an insurance company as an underwriter analyzing clients’ risks, or a position in a large corporation as a risk manager assessing risks within the organization.

I chose to pursue the M.B.A. program, with a major in risk management, at Wassamatta University, and not only because of its distinguished reputation in Thailand. Having carefully studied this program, I have found that it particularly suits my objectives, and will broaden my exposure to real-world situations. Furthermore, as a foreign student, I hope to deepen the international character of the class by contributing my knowledge of the Thai insurance industry, which I gained through extensive research for my senior project.

I am motivated, ambitious and hard-working; and so I am highly confident that I will put forth my best effort, and will succeed in pursuing your MBA program. In closing, I would like to thank the committee for kindly reviewing my application, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with my classmates at Wassamatta U. in the Spring quarter. I guarantee that I will not disappoint you.

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Statement of Purpose FAQ

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