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Sample Statements of Purpose and Personal Statements

This statement was adapted from one written by a Thai student applying to Information Science programs in the United States. He was admitted to a respected I.S. program in California, and received a Master's degree in I.S. there.

I will graduate from Chulalongkorn University with a Bachelor's degree in Statistics in April of this year. My major is Business Information Technology, which concentrates on applying technical computer knowledge to business use and managing information wisely.

Before I enrolled in Chulalongkorn University, I had two objectives for my undergraduate studies. First, I wanted to deepen my academic knowledge, particularly in the area of computer science, and prepare myself for more specialized graduate work. Second, I wanted to gain experience working with different people, and leadership skills. Consequently, I have always been very active in student affairs, and I hold several important posts.

I would like to apply for the Information Science program at Wassamatta University for my graduate studies. I am considering Wassamatta because it is widely recognized in Thailand for its outstanding academic quality, and is known to appreciate international students. Furthermore, due to our past financial circumstances, neither of my parents have had a university education; therefore, it would do my family great honor to have their first university-educated member graduate from one of the world's best academic institutions, like Wassamatta.

The launching of Thailand's first satellite, Thaicom, on December 17th of last year marked the beginning of a new era for our nation - one of modern telecommunications. We will become one of the newly industrialized countries in a short time if we can keep pace with the changes in this evolving technology. However, we still have many problems in developing telecommunications infrastructures. We need more qualified personnel to contribute to the public sector. My ultimate goal is to work in one of the government agencies or multi-national telecommunications conglomerates, where I can combine the technical knowledge gained through my graduate studies with planning and management skill, and make beneficial contributions to Thailand's telecommunications system. Therefore, my ambition for graduate study is to prepare myself for this goal by acquiring in-depth knowledge of computer technology, particularly in the area of data communication and networking. Since the U.S. always plays a major role in this area, and Thailand also receives most of its new technology from the U.S., I would like to pursue my graduate studies there.

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Statement of Purpose FAQ

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