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Statement of Purpose FAQ

Statement of Purpose and Personal Statement FAQ

We all know how difficult it is to apply for college, and probably the most stressful part is writing your statement of purpose or personal statement. But knowledge is power, so here is some information to help you survive the ordeal.

What is a statement of purpose?
A statement of purpose is a short written piece that colleges often ask you to include as part of your application. It is your only chance to communicate your strengths and personality, and other special information, to the admissions office.

Is a personal statement the same as a statement of purpose?
Some schools ask for a personal statement rather than a statement of purpose. Some schools may even ask for some other type of written statement - asking you about your heroes, or about a book that influenced you, for example. If they ask for a personal statement, then they probably want you to tell them about you - who you are, what you care about, what you think is important. If they ask for a statement of purpose, then they are probably hoping to hear about your goals, and what you hope to accomplish by going to their school.

What goes into a statement of purpose?
Though you may feel that it is conceited, it's important to sell yourself. Discuss your strengths, your ambitions, and the things that make you a good candidate. Are you creative? Or disciplined? Or have you accomplished a lot? Say so! And be sure to talk clearly about your goals - make your reader believe in your goals - and make them want you to succeed. Explain how getting into their school is necessary for you to fulfill your hopes - which are now their hopes, too. But be sure to make it clear that you can succeed - that you have the talents, virtues, experiences, and knowledge that you need to make good use of your college experience, and to make a solid contribution to the school. Make them feel that when you are done, they will be proud to have you among their alumni. For more detailed information, see our article on How To Write a Winning Statement of Purpose.

What do colleges look for in a statement of purpose?
There is no single answer to this question, because each person who reads your statement will be looking for different things. But, in general, a statement of purpose should talk about your goals and hopes for your education, and (for professional programs) your career objectives. What do you want to do with your life? Why do you want to do it? What place does gettting into this school have in your plans? What is special about you? Why should anyone want you in their school? What can you do for them? for the world? For more detailed information, see our article on How To Write a Winning Statement of Purpose.

Can iStudentCity help me with my statement of purpose?
We sure can! Our statement of purpose editing service was created to help you improve your statement of purpose or personal statement - quickly. We know that your applications mean a lot to you. If you send us your statement, our expert editorial staff will carefully review it for you, and provide detailed feedback. We want you to succeed! Find out all about this exciting new service at: iStudentCity's Statement of Purpose Service.

Can I see some samples of high-quality statements of purpose?
Yes! Not knowing what a statement of purpose looks like causes a lot of frustration for students who suddenly need to write one. so, in order to help you out, we have collected several sample statements. These are good statements, and the students who wrote them got into good schools where they went on to successfully complete their degrees.

How can I make my statement of purpose or personal statement stand out?
We have a growing collection of tips and advice for making your personal statement the best around. To see what we have for you, go to our Statement of Purpose Information page.

What are some common mistakes that might make my statement of purpose weak?
We've collected some tips about what not to do along with our advice on what to do - the good and the bad are all together on our Statement of Purpose Information page.

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Statement of Purpose FAQ

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