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You can't avoid buying textbooks, but you can avoid paying too much!
Buying Textbooks

While you can buy textbooks at your college's bookstore, you may get better prices online. Keep in mind that, while book prices online tend to be better than book prices at college bookstores, online book sellers may charge an additional delivery fee. In this case, buying many textbooks at one time will save you money. As with anything, the more carefully you investigate online bookstores, the better off you will be.

Recommended Online Bookstores:

  • Amazon.com is the leading online source for books of all kinds. They also sell software, music, etc.
  • Barnes & Noble is one of the largest bookstore chains in the U.S. They also sell music and software.
  • VarsityBooks allows you to search for textbooks using your course titles.
  • TextBooksAtCost.com sells textbooks, computer accessories, and software.
Book Price Comparison

Do you want to compare book prices? These sites allow you to compare prices at many online booksellers simultaneously.

  • Searchvalue is good, but you can only search for one book at a time.
  • BestBookBuys.com covers both new and used book prices, but again you can only check one book at a time. Recommended.
  • BuyPath covers many online booksellers. No shipping date information is available. Recommended.
  • Textbooksearch.com offers multiple book price comparisons. However, it only covers 5 sites, which is significantly fewer than their competition.
  • Textbookprices.com has no actual price comparisons, but does list many online bookstore sites, including used textbook dealers.
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